Lane – Owner
– Loves horse racing and golf

Dalene – Office Manager
– BA in English Ed
– Been with JMart for 10 years
– Loves long walks in nature and learning to play musical instruments

Sharon – Back Office Supervisor
– Loves reading and her nieces and nephews

Travis – Print Production
– 6 yrs in the Air Force
– Loves his wife dearly (yes really put this it will be hilarious)

Jordan – Front Office Supervisor
– Loves to cook and bake

Maddie – Front Office and promotional items
– Travis’ wife
– Loves to run, her dogs and the outdoors

Mahal – Front Office
– Loves her family, dogs and treats

Leann – Front Office
– Loves to paint, hang out with her family and rollerskating

Wes – Designer
– Loves his family, movies and quiet time

Caleb – Designer and photo manipulation
– Loves classic movies and illustration.