Our standard vinyl banners print on 13 oz. gloss vinyl banner material and include sewn edges and grommets. Standard banners include sizes up to 4’x12′. We have matte and pole banner material available upon request.

For special material or a banner size bigger than 4’x12′, please contact us for a custom quote. Please contact us with special instructions about grommet placement or pole pockets.



Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl banners are a great way to advertise events, welcome people home, display company logos at job sites, advertise sponsors at sporting events, disseminate information, or celebrate athletes or other individuals.

What material do you use for vinyl banners?


We most commonly use a 13 oz. gloss vinyl banner material. We have pole banner material and matte vinyl material available as well.

What size of vinyl banner can you print?


We can print essentially any size you want. If it’s bigger than 4’x12’, please contact us for a custom quote and timeline.

How long will my vinyl banner order take to complete?


If you have sent us print-ready art, we will have your vinyl banner complete within 3-5 business days from when you place your order. If you need your banner sooner than that, please call us. We may be able to meet your deadline.


If we are designing your banner, you can expect to receive a proof within two business days of when you place your order. Once you have approved your art to print, we will have your banner completed within 3-5 business days. If you need your banner sooner than that, please call us. We may be able to meet your deadline.

How do I display my vinyl banner?


Vinyl banners are usually hung from fences, attached to stakes, attached to the side of a building, or hung from an awning. Zip ties, rope, and sturdy string can all be effective ways to secure a banner.


We will put grommets in your banner according to your instructions at no additional charge. Depending on where you intend to display your banner, you may want only top grommets, or only top and side grommets, or you may want grommets all the way around.


If you are unsure what method you will use to display your banner, we recommend grommets in all four corners and ever 1.5 to 2 feet on all sides.

How do I store my vinyl banner?


Store your vinyl banner in a cool, dry place. Roll your banner. Do not fold it. Folding creates creases that will tear over time. Heat will melt the ink on your banner and cause the banner to stick to itself. This damage cannot be repaired.