We print both outdoor and indoor magnets in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes. We can print a single custom magnet for your car bumper or thousands of business card magnets or calendar magnets for your business or school.

What is the difference between outdoor and indoor magnets?


Outdoor magnets are printed on a stronger magnet material than indoor magnets. Because outdoor magnets are subject to weather and sunlight, we also recommend laminating them. Lamination provides UV protection against fading and will prolong the life of the printing on your outdoor magnet.


Outdoor magnets are most often used as vehicle magnets. We print large door magnets with company logos and contact information on them to mark the vehicle as a company car or to advertise a home business. We also print small magnets for bumpers for people who like the idea of a saying on their car bumper but want it to be removable, unlike a bumper sticker.


Indoor magnets are often used as refrigerator magnets or as service schedule magnets for appliances with metal surfaces such as furnaces and water heaters. Calendar magnets and business card magnets are usually printed on indoor magnet stock, as are custom-shape magnets.

How could personalized magnets benefit my business?


Where business cards can get lost in people’s wallets, a business card magnet or a calendar magnet with your company logo and information on it, will often stay on your clients’ (or future clients’) refrigerator doors or filing cabinets in constant sight where it is easy to find when they have need of the product or service your business offers.

What personal uses are there for custom magnets?


Custom magnets make great gifts. We can print quotes and other messages on magnets, personalized calendars, magnetic chore boards for families, magnets to label metal shelves in pantries, magnetic learning tools such as magnetic puzzles or magnetic clocks with separate hands that can move, and so many more possibilities!

What do you charge for magnets?


Because magnets tend to be highly custom items, please contact us for a specific quote for your project.


Indoor magnets are charged at a rate of $5.00 per square foot with a minimum order of $10.00 and can be printed in a wide variety of sizes from about 1.5 inches square on up.


Outdoor magnets are charged at a rate of $10.00 per square foot with a minimum order of $10.00. They also can be printed in a wide variety of sizes.


Business card magnets are $35.00 for 100, $90.00 for 500 and $160.00 for 1000.