Vinyl lettering looks great on walls, vehicles, doors, windows, T-shirts, Water bottles, and basically anywhere else it will stick.

We can cut lettering directly out of black, white, or one of many different colors of vinyl. If you need a cut vinyl design that includes more than one color, we can print designs and text onto white vinyl in any color of ink and then cut them out using the same process.

Are there different kinds of vinyl?

Yes, there are. The vinyl we use on apparel is different than the vinyl we use for walls and windows. A third type of vinyl is best for vehicles. There’s even a difference between vinyl that just cuts and vinyl that both prints and cuts.

The good news is that we know the differences so that you don’t have to. Contact us about your project, and we will recommend options for you to choose.

Is there a limit to how small or how big you can cut vinyl lettering?


For standard vinyl lettering, the letters must be at least .75” tall in order for the cuts to work correctly. Heat transfer vinyl, which we use for apparel, can cut well when the letters are as small as .3” tall, as long as the font is a bold, block font.

If your lettering is too small to cut nicely out of vinyl, you may want to consider other options for displaying your text, such as printing on a vinyl sticker, printing on a transparency, or making a framed poster instead of cut vinyl.

We’re limited as to how big we can cut vinyl lettering by the width of the vinyl you select for your project.

Different types of vinyl come in different widths – anywhere from 12” to 54”. If you need large letters, we will help you choose a vinyl that can accommodate them. That may mean that we print your design on white vinyl and cut it out rather than cutting directly from a colored piece of vinyl.

How do I install my new vinyl lettering?

We do installation! If you would like us to save you the stress of an install, we charge $50 per hour, including travel time, for installation with a minimum installation fee of $25.00. If we damage your vinyl during install, we will replace it at no additional charge.

Installation is a straightforward process.

To install your own vinyl, first make sure the surface where the vinyl will go is clean and dry. This will allow the vinyl to adhere to the surface, itself, rather than to the dust or grit between the surface and the vinyl.

If your installation is taking place outside, only install if the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. The vinyl adhesive will not work properly in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peel the back off of the sticky side of the vinyl. Position the vinyl where you would like it to go. You may want to have a second person help you ensure your vinyl is level before you stick it to its new surface.

Press the vinyl firmly to its new surface. Ensure that the entire surface area of the vinyl has been firmly pressed to the new surface.

When you are satisfied with the installation, peel off and discard the mask to complete installation.

Please be aware that if you choose to install your own vinyl lettering and you damage it during installation, we will charge you to reprint/recut your vinyl.