What apparel services do you offer?


We can purchase apparel for you through or We can also print/embroider on apparel you provide. We have printed/embroidered shirts, hats, jackets, aprons, sweatpants and onesies, among other items.


We offer screen printing, heat transfer vinyl, and embroidery.

Can you print on other fabrics, or only on apparel?


We can print/embroider most fabric items. We have filled several orders for embroidery on blankets and heat transfer vinyl on table cloths and quilt blocks. Towel embroidery is another popular item.

What is the difference between screen printing and heat transfer vinyl?


Heat transfer vinyl can be cut from a single color of vinyl or can be printed full color and cut. As its name implies, it is vinyl that is heat pressed onto fabric. Heat transfer vinyl is good for print orders that require multiple colors and/or small quantities. Most sport team jerseys or warm-ups that require personalization are done with heat transfer vinyl or embroidery. Heat transfer vinyl does not adhere well to most synthetic fabrics. Cotton, polyester, or fabric blends with high percentages of cotton or polyester fibers are great for heat transfer vinyl.


Screen printing is done one color at a time and is printed with ink, then run through a heat tunnel to help the ink harden to the fabric. Almost all fabrics are good candidates for screen printing, as long as they can lie flat to be printed. Screen printing involves more setup than heat transfer vinyl. Setup fees can make screen printing cost prohibitive on orders containing fewer than 13 pieces or requiring more than 2 colors of ink. Screen printing is ideal for large print runs.

Why would I want custom printing on apparel?


Custom printed apparel helps to build your brand, whether you own a business, coach a sports team, or are the person in charge of organizing your family reunion. A logo printed or embroidered on a T-shirt, polo or jacket can make your team members more recognizable both to one another and to other people.
For businesses, brand recognition and professionalism built through custom printed apparel can play a significant role in increasing and maintaining a strong customer base.


Custom printing can also just be fun!


Do you have a favorite saying you have always wanted to put on a T-shirt?


Now you can!